Kusina Filipina

Welcome to Kusina Filipina

Kusina Filipina has been considered standard of excellence when it comes to Filipino cuisine. Combining the freshest ingredients and the most stringent quality control, Kusina Filipina kept its patrons coming back for more through the consistency in Taste and Quality of its dishes in a very affordable and reasonable price. It keeps old traditions and values alive while actively fulfilling and contributing its role here in the Los Angeles, California.

Tasting was a passion, and like of all life pleasures, it must be enjoyed to the fullest. That is why through all these years, the Kusina Filipina Restaurant remains on top and competing on its highest level of quality food and services.

Kusina Filipina offers fast and delicious authentic Philippine dishes in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA. We only use fresh and quality ingredients in preparing our food to bring you the fine Filipino taste. We serve combo plates daily in our steam table where you can enjoy our main entrees with steamed rice. We also accept pick up and special orders.


Kusina Filipina aims to bring families and friends together through its inviting atmosphere, courteous staff and of course delicious, sumptuous and unforgettable dishes. Come and experience the splendor of authentic Filipino Spanish cuisine.





  •       The service was good. They are very friendly and fast!

    This was our first time dining here and it definitely won’t be the last! Ask the owner what there specialty is and he will ask you which part of the Philippines you are from. Why? Because he then determines what dish he recommends. The service was good. They are very friendly and fast. It’s a feel at home type of environment, which is good! They cater and dine-to-go.

    Gina O.
  •       If I get paid a million bucks every time I say this, I swear, by now, I’m probably a billionaire. More often than not, some of the best dishes and culinary surprises comes from the stark & modest little places in your neighborhood. By word of mouth was how I heard about the place and I’m really glad we went out and tried it.

    Neil G.
  •       The lechon kawali was cooked perfectly. My sister who is a Le Cordon Bleu chef noted that it might be twice fried. It was crispy on the outside while maintaining its juicy goodness on the inside. The amazing part was the lechon was not greasy.

    James T.
  •       The food taste very Filipino with a little twist from the usual recipe that we know back in the Philippines. Give it a try and I am sure that it will surpass the standard of your meticulous and choosy tongue!

    Delfin Jr
  •       The lechon was good and crispy and fatty for you true pinoy. The lumpia was hot and fresh and served with sweet and sour sauce. YUMYUM! I could say l left feeling like I was going to explode, but I think my friend hit it dead on when he said, “it’s called food heaven, you feel so good after its ok if you have heart attack and die, because it’s so worth it to be this happy.”

    Bethanee W.